string quartet


Duration: 4’11


Commissioned by Quatuor Bozzini in 2011

Released by Quatuor Bozzini on À chacun sa miniature (Label: Actuellecd)

Performed by JACK Quartet at:

    Winnipeg New Music Festival (Winnipeg, Canada)
    DiMenna Centre (New York, USA)
    Festival Vértice (Mexico city, Mexico)
    Kammermusik Basel (Basel, Switzerland)
    Slowind Music Society (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    92Y (New York, USA)

Performed by Mivos Quartet at NUNC 2014 (Chicago, USA)



Many years ago I came across an exhibit of drawings in a small gallery in Brooklyn. Running the length of a back wall, what seemed at first glance to be a mapping of flesh – intertwined nerve endings and connective tissues – were actually topographical sketches of urban landscapes.  There was an eerie quality to the combined intricacy and viscerality of these sketches. Struck by the image as an imaginative backdrop, I envision this piece as a webbing of fine matte wires that illuminate in turn, swelling to the surface of a tangled system. It also probes a temporal surface tension – a frenetic landscape that feels a kind of subterraneal time under its dirt.